Student2.0's appreciation for FLOSS is derived purposefully from the concepts and philosophies underlying such software; 'F' for free meaning freedom from financial dependence. OSS really cut down costs and reduce budgets so that Student2 really is not bogged down on huge financial obligations to finance some corporates.
'L' is for Libre as in another kind of freedom that grants some independence, that power of choice, that ability to draw from the infinite internet, (INFINET), the power to support a cause, the power of will and autonomy,"the emergence of a new information environment, a dimension of individual freedom; "- Yochai Benkler, THE WEALTH OF NETWORKS, 2006

'O' is for Open, tying in with advocacy for software rights; “an alternate, a completely different business system, that can thus provide the needed diversity.”-
FLOSS actually mean much more than just freedom. They also impart the power of choice. Hence Student2.0 still can for instance lay hold on “games for the Gnome, KDE and X11 window managers,-, The OSS community does appreciate that learning should be fun, hence the multiplicity of games for the FLOSS-inclined student2.0.

Student2.0 values the opportunities inherent in the use of FLOSS. They value the sense of community hence they dedicate their time and efforts to such voluntary activities like creating online wikis and journals for open VoIPs like ekiga. They lend efforts to pioneering schemes like the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. They see the value in socially viable projects and not just commercial viability. For instance, with the OLPC,
“Connections are ad hoc, sharing is done by default, and the applications provided by the OLPC were built around creative work. Commercial viability notwithstanding …it's an impressive PEDAGOGICAL experiment.
Ubuntu helps to protect vital files on your personal computer without any "pantacus"(virus) infection.

Student2.0 identifies with the Linux trend, especially its infancy (1991).

why are these concepts of primary importance to student2.0:


Ps: There is a 3L's section for Let's Learn Linux project link on this Wiki.